Tasmania Fire Service

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS), the operational arm of the State Fire Commission, was created in 1979 through the amalgamation of the State Fire Authority, the Rural Fires Board and 22 urban fire brigade boards. The TFS includes over 230 fire brigades across Tasmania and its islands. These fire brigades are comprised of around 250 career firefighters and approximately 4800 volunteer firefighters. TFS has primary responsiblity for response to bushfires on private land.
TFS has a close co-operative relationship with the other emergency services in the State; Tasmania Police, State Emergency Service and Ambulance Tasmania. Informal as well as formal arrangements have evolved, including co-location in strategic areas. In addition, the TFS has mutual aid arrangements with Forestry Tasmania and the Parks and Wildlife Service to ensure major bushfires are adequately resourced and managed. These relationships enhance emergency response across the State. TFS also contributes to Tasmania's security through its participation on the State Disaster Committee.
The TFS recognises the importance of participation in the national emergency services community. It is an active member of the Australasian Fire Authorities Council and the Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre. TFS has also deployed personnel to other jurisdictions (including the USA ) to assist with major firefighting campaigns.
Further information can be found: http://www.fire.tas.gov.au
Updated: 23-Aug-2018