Red Hot Tips


A one-stop service for farmers and rural landholders

Be one of the first participants in this newly launched program!

Facilitators work with farmers and landholders in rural areas, who own large tracts of land, to provide:

  • practical advice on effective bushfire management planning
  • guidance on developing burn plans
  • opportunities for private and public landholders to work together
  • training and mentoring
  • assistance in identifying resources to undertake planned burning
  • advice on alternative fuel reduction treatments
  • access to helpful resources like the SFMC booklet Planned burning for farmers and landholders


Register your interest by completing the Red Hot Tips - Expression of Interest form.

We will then be in touch, or you can give us a call on 0448 297 224.

    Facilitators will start working with landholders in August 2020.


    Updated: 14-Aug-2020